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Emmett || 24 || he/they ... hey what do you mean i can't make separate lines in the description, thats bunk... aw crap. well anyway, i guess the only other thing you need to know is that if u got shitty parents im your new trans dad now

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been workin on a LONG ass pride parade drawing of the villagers in my animal crossing town. just finished adding the character i use in HHD and Digby

they're dating

theres. a lot of things i want to say to my dad. things i cant say. this is just the tip of the ice berg.

i just needed to vent a bit

EDIT: this happens every single day. every single god damn day. that’s why i’m so angry

i started playing animal crossing again--New Leaf AND Happy Home Designer--and i would like to inform everyone that my home designer is gay and dating Digby, thank you, good night

Now presenting: PRIDE POPS!!! Available in the following flavors:

  • Traditional Rainbow
  • Bi-pop
  • Pan-pop
  • Lesbian-pop
  • Trans-pop
  • Enby-pop
  • Poly-pop
  • Ace-pop
  • Agender-pop
  • Aro-pop

Let me know what new flavors YOU would like to see next, and they'll be automatically included in any further pride designs!

oh hey thats right. since waterfall is a baby website, i propose we bring back Ye Olde tumblr memes. i mean like, the REALLY old ones. ones such as my personal favorite:


im almost done with the lineart for the pokemon! wont be able to finish it entirely for the next few days, though...

progress! also i love chandelure, but chandelure does not love me

goodnight everyone, i love you!

goodnight everyone, i love you!

here's some new art as an apology for the spam

apologies for the art spam, im just an idiot

blue jaundice is totally a thing guys

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now posted properly as art

poke wip!

also i only just realized that theres a separate post option entirely for art so... uh... im gonna re-upload the art i posted earlier, oops

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This is so stupid but I still dropped everything and spent thirty minutes making it


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conspiracy theory: milk making bones strong is a complete myth

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my evidence: i hate milk and have never broken a bone

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rb with your milk drinking habits and bone history

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i drinkn milk every day of my life and have also never broken my bones

my sister, on the other hand, has a bad habit of never finishing her milk and has broken an arm, and her nose twice


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someone remind me to draw pokemon tomorrow

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my parents are disappointed in me and it's both because i'm gay and because i don't know what a soup spoon looks like

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hey guess what im your new dad now and i LOVE you, and you're RIGHT spoons dont matter

i want y'all to see this beautiful boy of mine

i hungy

A little character of mine. She’s a wizard!

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